Thursday, September 29, 2011


After 5 years with no tub, and 2 or 3 years with a claw-foot tub on my deck, it is finally in. A few weeks ago we started the bathroom. Sean took out the shower stall and a wall. Here are some before and afters.
Shower Before:

The shower, Yuk!!!!

Tub After:
The tub!!!!! I have already taken two tubs in it, and they were wonderful. As you can see we need to do the floor and put in dry wall. But that will come in time.

Window and Walls Before:
Window and Walls After:

I am not done painting as you can see but I just love the new wall color, and color for the furniture. I also really love the new window treatment. It is a simple piece of fabric with a tenchen rod, I sewed the edges and they frayed on there own. It also lets lot of light in but still provides privacy. I wanted the curtain to be light because the show curtain is heavy and this is a small bathroom. Also if you look to the right of the window you can see a wooden clip. This is how we open the curtain to let the breeze in. I will take better picture of every thing when we are done.

Finial here is the sink area. I do not have a before sadly but I assure you it looks so much better. I changed the mirror. The one before was a large piece of glass that's it. We also changed to sink fixture and accessory. It is in this rubbed bronze finish that I love. I painted the silver light fixture to match the sink fixture. I bought a rubbed bronze spry paint and then brushed on a copper glaze to finish it looks pretty good.

Any ways the bathroom is coming along nicely, cant wait to finish up. Stay tuned.