Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

So another Christmas come and gone. I thought I would share some pictures from what came out from under our tree. This year we opened the stockings first, weird right. It felt so backwards, but I got out voted. See the white hates on David and Michael. They are sleeping hats I maid for all the boys and they opened them on Christmas eve.

 We got these shirt and hats, nothing spectacular, but I love the faces they made as they held them up for me to see. Michael's is my favorite.

 And on too the big gifts. We don't get the boys a lot, but I like to get them each one big gift (by way of, they really wanted it, not so much in size).
 Maverick got an MP3 player with the accessories. Head phones,  speaker, Sim card, things like that.
 David got a (real) compound bow kid sizes, with arrows. 
 Michael wanted a keyboard. I guess it was getting too cold out to practice on the piano on our deck.
And Jonathan wanted so badly this red "Banjo". He saw this Ukulele at the music shop and he kept calling it a Banjo. 

It was a quiet and wonderful morning of thanking God for the gift of Salvation with the Birth of Jesus Christ, gifts to each other and of course pancakes.