Wednesday, January 25, 2012

May God Be Praised

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I am so proud of Sean. Most people know he has been studying under our Pastor to go into full time ministry. For about five years we have been praying God would direct Sean to were He wants Sean to serve Him. This past year God has been working in Sean's heart, guiding him to make a decision. Today Sean had to write a report for the church on his Ministerial Training for our annul meeting. Here is some of the things he wrote:
I am excited to share with the Church family that after struggling with the question, am I being called by God into the ministry?  I can now confidently answer yes to that question! Not based on feelings what so ever. It took some time reading over the qualifications a few times, praying to God for His will in my life, and just plain reading God's word looking for direction.
So again, I believe I am being called by God into full time minisrty, and by His grace I will countiue training under Pastor Brown and Lord willing perhaps sometime in the not so distant future I will be ordained by my church family!
Please continue to pray for me as I keep walking forward in faith waiting on the Lord's Wisdom, Knowledge and timing for all things,
I have been blessed to watch Sean's journey from the very start when he excepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, to the passed month were he has been preaching at a small church in Madison Maine three weeks in a row. I have grown to love Sean more and more over the past ten years, and respect the Godly man he has become. He has allowed himself to become a vessel useful to God. I will continue to pray for my husband and support him in what ever he does. I can not wait to see wear God will bring Sean next. Like Sean asked our church family, I ask from you. Please continue to pray for us as we keep walking forward in faith waiting on the Lord's Wisdom, Knowledge and timing for all things.

Michael's New Specs

Michael now needs to wear glasses all the time. He looks so cute in them. Now three out of four of my boys wear glasses. We will just have to wait and SEE if Jonathan is next.