Friday, August 1, 2014

Homestead Kitchen Adventures

I have been making my own yogurt for a few years now, from the raw milk we buy. And it is so easy and good. I also make yogurt cheese by straining off more whey and spicing it up. Well I came across how to make sour cream and cottage cheese on Pinterest, and I had some milk that had started to go sour already. It was so easy and the taste is so much better. I used one gallon of raw milk at a coast of $4 and ended up with 8 oz of cheese spread (ranch flavored) 10 oz of sour cream and 24 oz of cottage cheese. And a lot of whey (that's the liquid in the bowl) which I can use for other things like ricotta cheese and baked goods. I usually spend $1 (when on sale) for 8 oz of sour cream, $3 (on sale) for 24 oz of cottage cheese and I don't buy cheese spread it's not in my budget. So for a better quality and health benefit I think I made out well.  42 oz @ $4 to 32 oz @ $4 (only when on sale) .