Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God's World From My Back Porch

I love living in New Hampshire. The world around us is such a testimony of God's wonderful creation and power. So many Bible verses, and good old hymns come to my mind when I take the time to stop and look around. The mountains speak of His power and majesty, the heavens declare His glory, the earth is His creation.
One morning when I was out on my back porch I was blessed with the site of the moon. I love seeing the moon this way, I think is is called a child's moon. Because it is the only time a child can see the moon.
 I looked beyond the moon to the snow dusted mountains. This is just the begin signs of the winter to come. Many love to see the fall colors of the trees and wonder at there beauty, I love the snowy mountain sides.
Its hard to see, but flying through the sky is a large bird. I was not able to tell what it was, but it glided back and forth for awhile before it disappeared.
Were ever you live you can experience God's creation you just need to stop and listen to His still small voice.

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