Saturday, August 13, 2011

Garden Update

The garden is looking wonderful this year, I am so excited. We are getting lots of stuff from it. And soon I will have lot of tomatoes. Big thanks to Julie for all her help.

Here is our pumpkins and Winter Squash. I have one very big white pumpkin and at least 3 winter squashes. There are some Long pie pumpkins coming in as well.
Here are the peppers and rows of lettuces. The lettuces is cool, you cut it and it grows back. I love that, we have had lots of fresh lettuce to eat and give away.
In the back you can see my beans. They are called rattle snake beans, they are purple and green. I cant wait to see them. The empty space was for the sugar snap peas. There are only four planets that came in late. But now they are looking good.
Here Is the egg plant, cauliflower and  Brussels sprouts. Surrounded by tomatoes.
Yellow Pear tomatoes.
Some harvested cucumbers, yellow squash, peppers, golden beats and onions. Yummy!!!

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