Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It has been almost a year since I last posted anything. Sad! I miss sharing our lives with those who can't be with us. And I need to remember that life goes by very quickly and I need to document as much of my boys moments as I can before there gone. So for tonight I am going to put up some recent photos and try to discipline myself to post regularly. Here's hopen.

 Maverick is now 15 and finishing up his freshmen year. As of now he wants to go into engineering and has picked Bob Jones University for collage. "COLLAGE" scary to even think about. But he is on his way.
 David is 9 and is finishing up 3rd grade. He is very thoughtful and is super loving. He also loves to be silly.
 Michael is 7 and is finishing up the 1st grade. He is quick and sharp. And is always there to ask a million question. Kind of shy but very devoted.
Jonathan, our little snoodle is now 5 and is finishing up Pre-school. He is loud and active. Very loving and is lots of fun. He has a big personality to fit his big heart.

This was my first time home schooling all four and we survived. It had its bumps, but over all I think it went well. We love living in the White Mountains and we all are looking forward to a busy summer of out door activities. Come and join us!

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