Friday, July 11, 2014

Garden Update

Wow I am loving the hay mulch. Wish I had learned about this one years ago. So it's been almost a month since I planted with Elizabeth and I have only watered a few times and weeded once. Weeding is easy and clean. I think next year I will make some of my rows a little wider tho.
Above you can see my peas going crazy. I love peas they have to be my garden favorite.

Only five tomato plants got in. I had made room for more but time just got away and I ran out of funding. That ok tho I will have lots of cherry tomatoes to make up for it. Yummy!

Here's some rows of onions, carrots, lettus and I think arugula, oh and beats. Doing well, I love the lettus for cutting. Want a salad with dinner? Go to garden, snip snip, and a few cherry tomatoes and there you have it! Love that.

Over all I am very please. I have lost a few things due to a neighbors naughty chickens but otherwise I am looking forward to a good harvest.

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