Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Warming Up a Corner

Even thou we have been here and moved in for over six months, there is still some work to be finished. One area was around my coal stove. It still was plain and seamed a little cold, so to speak. So, warm it up I did.
I have hung some shelves and put out all my vitiage kitchen goodies. 
Now it's nice and warm, and looks like it's time to bake something.
It still some so adjustments, but that take me a few days. You know, walk by move this. Stop, look, move that. And maybe hang a thing or two. But over all I'm happy. Except I am still on the hunt for a different piece of wood for the top shelf. This ones is dark and doesn't go, but I'll find one.
I love all my bakery bread pans I have collected over the years. I still have a few I can use else were.
And now I have a place for my favorite recipe book. Off to bake some bread now, can you smell it.

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