Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yogurt 101

I have been trying more and more to make things by hand. Yogurt was one thing on my to do's. But it scared me. I looked at lots of tutorials and spoke to friends that had done it. After lots research and dragging my feet, I tried it. I was shocked at how easy it really is. Now people are asking me how I make it, which is a new thing. So I am posting on my blog a tutorial, who would of thought.

Step 1: Get milk. I use good organic or raw milk, why make your own if your going to use cheep milk. You can tho.
Step 2: Buy yogurt (8oz) with live culture. It will say it on the container. Plain or flavored I found it does not matter.
Step 3: Warm your milk in a large pot slowly. If you do it to fast you can burn it (trust me I know), also don't forget about it. It can take up to 20 mins some times. When you have a film on the top, its done.
Step 4: Take milk off heat and let cool till you can leave your finger in the milk for a long 10 seconds. This also can take up to or more than 20 mins.
Step 5: Add your cultured yogurt and mix it in so you do not have clumps left, go slow so not to splash.
Step 6: Put milk in a contained that has a lid. I use my Pampered Chef batter bowl.
Step 7: Place container in a place to keep it warm over night or for 8 hours or more. I use my crock pot (NOT PLUGGED IN OR ON) I wrap my batter bowl in a bath towel, cover it with a towel, put crock pot lid on it and then cover the pot with another towel.
Step 8: Leave allow! I have left my yogurt over night, but found it was to thin. I know leave it for almost 24 hours. It is super thick just the way I like it.
Step 9: I pour off the way (a clear water like liquid that separates from the yogurt) then I place a clean kitchen towel gently on the top of the yogurt. Put the lid on and place in fridge.
Step 10: Enjoy. I love having fresh yogurt just waiting for me in my fridge. I add fruit, honey and other stuff to make it yummy. Homemade yogurt taste like plain yogurt, so it can be tart. The longer you leave it out when making it the more tartness you will get. But that can be fix by adding sweeteners. Each time I get yogurt out I remove the towel and rise it with hot water, it will continue to collect the way each time.
***Warning*** Just remember your working with dairy. I have never had a problem with how I do it, but there are lots of people that follow stricter rule when making yogurt. There are temperatures to reach and keep your milk at, and other rules I ignore. So if you are using my method it is at your own risk. Do the research and try different ways, I find that is always the best way to find what will work for you.
I hope you try it, homemade food is so yummy and so much better for you. In this economy finding ways to save money is key. Sometimes the place is in our groceries. You would be shocked at what your eating and how much you are paying for it. I encourage you to read labels. With the health food trend on the rise I am more informed then I was a few years ago, but am making smarter changes slowly. First and foremost I want to please God with being a good steward of the family He gave me, and caution about jumping on any new trends. But homemade food is the comfort food your family will appertate and remember. The taste of your yogurt and the smell of bread baking in the over will fill the house with warmth and love. And I laugh to myself when I think about were I was in the way of baking just a few years ago. I could not even make
 cookies with out tragic issue. So good luck, if you set your mind to a task don't let anything stop you.

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