Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Spring Cleaning

Today I got a big chunk of time to myself. With Sean and the boys off to take Bob to an appointment then to a baseball game. I got the whole afternoon. I confess I stole a little time to do abosolutely nothing, then to work on the sewing room. This is the last room in the house I needed to get to since we moved in. I had done some work awhile ago, but it still needed some help.

Here is my small collection of art. I love art, but I will admit I'm fussy about what I hang. I found my sewing room was a great place to hang some prints. Pretty ones, always a good source of inspiration.

You can see I am not done. Yes, those are boxes and a bucket I need to get to, but I'm tired, so not till another day.

 I love trunks as you can see, and I have a few great old suitcases. Fun places to hide fabric and unfinished projects. I have a lot as you can from all the space I need. All those spots are filled.

Just a few school book for me please. Over the years I have collected a lot of school material. This is it down to stuff I use. I have been selling off stuff ones I tried and didn't like.
Sew, that's it for now. More to come. And yes this room will get painted soon, not a big fan of baby blue.

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